Fractured Lands

Save the Girl... Save the Party

Adventure 001

Dusk falls and six travelers come to the Green Dragon Inn for food, warmth, and place to rest. Several villagers are here, eating, drinking, talking about their day. One day is much the same as another in the hamlet of Wheatfield, but looking at you something tells these villagers – Today will be different.

As the soon-to-be heroes settle in and learn of their surroundings and other patrons of the Green Dragon Inn a large man wearing a black leather apron over linen shirt and wool pants bursts in. He smells of sulfur and carries a heavy hammer. ‘They took Bess,” he says. ‘They got my girl.’

And with that the group, having allayed the fears of the Blacksmith set out through the Boar Wood following the obvious tracks left by the band of goblin raiders. A day and a half from the small hamlet they came to the ruins of an old crypt, the door smashed in and guarded by 2 goblins. It was here that Genesis used her wiles and skills as a dancer before escaping the Gardner to lure the guards from their posts and into the tree line. Once there they never stood a chance as Kage, the wolfen aspect of Tsukiko; Garrus of Clan Fireforge, and Nefaen Furyaxe quickly cut them down.

As they concealled the bodies of the dead goblins the heroes then cautiously approached the darkened portal of the crypt, knowing that the young girl and more goblins below awaited them. Unfortunately as they descended they were set upon from behind by the goblin scouts sent out on patrol. Those goblins bore down upon them and drove Tsukiko to the ground, unconscious and dying.

Fortunately Percy, the lone human; an outcast of the world and civilization, saved her through his divine magics, while Nefaen and Garrus pushed on into the crypt. Once they stabilized and revived Tsukiko they then saw the murals that graced the walls of the crypt. The Delian Order — heroes against darkness and chaos — fighting back the hordes of goblins and darkness, their warhammers raised high. But there was no time to truly marvel over the discovery as further into the crypt soft chanting could be heard echoing through the stones.

With Garrus and Nefaen trying to slip ahead they finally saw Bess, unconscious upon an altar with a robed goblin chanting over her form — a dagger raised to strike. That was not all that awaited them though, the leader of this small band, a bugbear and a few more goblins awaited to attempt to stop the heroes from preventing the ritual. The chaos of battle raged, with Nefaen learning that sometimes strength can overcome any armor; even that of faith. The Aasimar was badly cleaved and dropped by the mighty power of the bugbear and his greataxe, while Genesis and Garrus squared off in the small confines against the goblins.

After much bloodletting, spell-slinging, and pure determination of will the heroes eventually stood over their fallen opponents. Bess was saved, and a riddle awaited the heroes upon the altar: "If you are to keep this, you must first give it to me."

It took them some time, but they realized that the oath of the Delian Order was what needed to be said before the altar. As Nefaen finished the last utterance of the oath a secret door slid open to reveal the final resting place of those laid here. Of course, being adventurers they examined and found well preserved warhammer. Nefaen, having sworn the oath and wielding a warhammer himself received the new weapon and discovered its magical properties. After that a rest and recovery and they returned Bess safetly to her family within Wheatfield.



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